HEART of Junction
Saturday, May 08, 2021
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Applying our gifts

 "Love your neighbor as yourself…”  - From the Great Commandment -

Ministry is demonstrating God's love.

   When David Livingstone died in Africa, his heart was removed and buried before his body was returned to a final resting place in his homeland.  Livingstone's passion, his heart, was for the people to whom he had given his life.  At HEART of Juntion, we want to know the passion of God's heart toward our neighbors.  Matthew said, "When you know where your treasure is, you know where your heart is as well."  A passion for others leads to service.


At HOJ, we want you to find a place to serve.
Check out some of these ministry opportunities!
 Praise Team Liesen Crow, Ministry leader 
 AWANA Club Jessica King, Awana Commander 
 Bible Study Leader / Facilitator Darrin Crow, Minister leader 
 Nursery Team Elizabeth Sharp, Ministry leader 
 Day-By-Day Children's Ministry  Stephanie Crow
A New Ministry! YOU, Ministry leader 

Call Darrin at 589-9440 to volunteer
to help or lead in our ministries to God, Church and World.